New for 2023! Santa’s Magical Storybook Visit

Three young boys in pajamas look on in awe as Santa shows them the magical interior of his gift bag that stretches to accommodate all the presents he delivers on Christmas Eve to all good girls and boys. The boys' young infant sister sits beside them in a high chair playing with a toy.

Wedow Productions Inc is proud to announce that Santa Claus has set aside his weekends to come visit with our friends! Santa’s Magical Storybook Visit is a personal 60-minute visit at a private studio in Plainfield, IL, which focuses on creating fine art portraits of children as they visit with Santa Claus during a 30-minute photo session during the visit.

The specially designed set and wardrobe are cozy and inviting and invoke a feeling of nostalgia, as the children are dressed in vintage-inspired pajamas and nightgowns for a magical night-time visit with Santa, as though in a dream.

We invite parents to sit back and observe and experience the wonder and magic of Christmas as it plays out in front of them while their children interact with Santa. Our photographer will capture both candid moments and posed portraits during the photo session, though the goal is not to create the standard “family holiday portraits” where everyone smiles and looks at the camera. Instead, it is our goal to create portraits that look as though they belong in a children’s story!

Each of the images is hand-edited in a style that is inspired by the nostalgic look and feel of vintage paintings by Norman Rockwell. Each image corresponds to a verse in our custom story, and the images can then be incorporated into a personalized storybook.

Choose your favorite image for wall art or select your favorites to be printed in a standard photo album. Of course, everyone’s favorite option is to choose our custom personalized storybook that will serve as a keepsake sure to be cherished and enjoyed for years to come!

Fall weekend sessions are available for booking now and ensure that your purchased print products will be available for you before the upcoming Christmas holiday season. For more details, please visit

Santa reads from his Book of Good Girls & Boys to three young children. All are seated and have looks of surprise to hear they are all in the book! A young baby girl sits on the lap of her older brother, with big sister sitting off to the side. All children are dressed in vintage-inspired pajamas.
Santa is seated in his rocking chair and a young girl sits on Santa's lap to tell him what she wants for Christmas.
Two young children, an older boy and a younger girl, dressed in vintage-inspired pajama are sitting around a table with Santa Claus. All are painting wooden toys with invisible magic paint. The girl is looking at Santa and laughing because a poof of magical paint is coming from his paintbrush up to his nose.
Siblings dressed in pajamas look on as Santa opens up his magical gift bag where all the presents fit in for delivering on Christmas Eve.
Children dressed in vintage-inspired pajamas sit around listening to Santa read to them from a storybook.
A young girl in a nightgown and a toddler boy in green pajamas sit around a table eating milk & cookies with Santa Claus. The young girl is holding a large cookie up to her mouth and her brother is laughing.

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